Have you tried Showcase yet?

Like Shades of Grey, I'm relatively excited about Showcase:
One of my brightest hopes for Revit 2013 is Showcase, which is a totally separate application. Could this finally be the viewer that works ? I've tried Design Review & Navis Works Freedom, Quicktime FBX plugin, Tekla Bimsight ... People are doing clever things with Game Engines, but I need a quick and easy way of bringing a lightweight export from the model into meetings.

Evidently, you need a pretty decent system to make everything smooth, as Neil Thompson says
@jrostar it eats ram more than revit on full render.

A few links:
Suites Workflow Manager - WikiHelp

Revit Workflows in the Autodesk Building Design Suite - WikiHelp

Installation notes:

I really tried to get Showcase working without installing the whole Building Design Suite, but I haven't figured it out yet! Here are some of the steps I tried:

  1. Install Revit, Showcase and Max (separate downloads, not from BDS media)
  2. Activate all products using a Suite license
  3. Extract the folder WorkflowInstaller from your extracted Suite archive - Content subfolder.
  4. Close all Autodesk programs
  5. Run the file AutodeskBuildingDesignSuiteWorkflows.msi from the appropriate subfolder (x64 or x86)
  6. Open Revit - Suite Workflows still not visible :-(

Direct download Showcase 2013 (use this method):

Direct download 3dsMaxDesign 2013 (use this method):

AutoCAD Design Suite Standard 2013
http://trial.autodesk.com/SWDLDDLM/2013/DSSTD/ESD/AutoCAD_Design_Suite_Standard_2013_English_Win_32b it.part1.exe

Some notes about Workflows:

Need to install 3dsMax to make it work:
Revit Workflows in the Autodesk Building Design Suite - WikiHelp

Install Workflows - WikiHelp
\BDSP 2013\ext\Content\WorkflowInstaller\x64
"C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Workflows\Products.xm l"

What is Autodesk DirectConnect? - WikiHelp

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